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Handa Plant
4-5-2, Minato-machi, Handa-shi
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Since established on 1924, we have manufactured and sold various types of products and parts in the industrial field, such as plastic forming of steel and other various metals. Nowadays, development of many materials and method of processing has been advanced greatly. Therefore, research in a specialized field is much required to establish the production process which complicated and high precision is required and to manufacture high performance products uniformly at low cost. MATEC will not satisfied with the existing product but will have wide view for various metallic materials and make effort to develop market in each forging parts field, by never stopping at current situation of only developing new manufacturing method.


Company Name MATEC Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-9-15, Shimizu, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi
Handa Plant 4-5-2, Minato-machi, Handa-shi, Aichi
Tel: 81-569-23-5200 Fax: 81-569-23-5205
Office in Kanto region 2-11-5, Asahi-cho, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa
Tel, Fax: 81-46-230-9118
MATEC SOUTHEAST ASIA(THAILAND)Co.Ltd MSAT 304 Industrial park, MI PLOT, 106 Moo, Thatoom, Srimahaphot, Prachinburi 25140 Thailand
URL http://www.matec.co.jp
Major customers NGK Insulators, Ltd., Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd., SHOWA Corporation, ALPHA Corporation, Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd., Hitachi Ltd (Other Coporations)